Spitalfields Market

About theproject

Client: CBRE
Year: 2019
Location: London
Credit: John Sturrock Photography

Spitalfields is well known for its history of silk weaving. Inspired by the history behind the Huguenots community and their influence in transforming Spitalfields into ‘Weaver Town’, Studio 29 have designed a lighting installation within Crispin Place Market using the Weaver Town as inspiration

The installation consists of 40 self-illuminated ‘silk-moths’ with different patterns designed to celebrate the different types of silk produced by the Huguenots community in Spitalfields. Each ‘silk moth’ is arranged at various heights and positions to portray a large group of silk-moths flying across the market; a symbol of how silk weaving influenced the London East End industry.
Each installation piece has the capability to change colour of light across the day to mimic silk-worm metamorphosis.