Mercer St Walkway, St Martin’s Courtyard

About theproject

Client: Longmartin Properties Ltd
Year: 2019
Location: St Martin's Courtyard, London

The lighting design to Mercer Street has been designed to provide an inviting and safe pathway leading to St Martin’s Courtyard. Studio 29 have designed a scheme where light patterns and shadows create an enchanting, mystical and interactive space for people to discover.

Inspired by light filtering through a forest canopy, which is a reminiscent of dappling created by foliage onto the forest floor. The concept consists of back lit flower perforations within three layers of a mirrored ceiling and screen printed acrylic to increase the volume of the space which was originally just a dark concrete soffit.

The use of the architectural control system allows for a number of different scenes to be set up throughout the day to create a different atmosphere depending on the time of day you visit. To aid in creating a dynamic environment every 5 minutes there is an event light sequence where the red, green and blue perimeter gives a shimmering effect.

The walkway acts as a gateway into the heart of Covent Garden and at night helps provide a safe bright passageway for people to walk through.