Soho Estates Office at Ilona Rose House – Win the FX AWARDS 2022


Paola Leon Design and MATT architecture‘s design for the headquarters of Soho Estates Limited won ‘Best Small Workplace’ at the FX Design Awards. The judges said of the design ‘a wonderfully coherent palette that just oozes sophistication and stands apart from others’.

For Soho Estates Limited, we had the pleasure to work with Paola Leon Interior Design and MATT Architects to carry out the lighting scheme with the aim of providing an office space with an integrated environment: space, furniture, light, air, colour; an integration of technology and efficiency in order to sustain and guarantee the success of an organisation. The spaces are designed to look and feel like a home. Outside of working, a garden terrace, kitchen, library, bar and snugs provide the familiar spaces for short breaks to rest and recharge. Texture and colour were carefully curated to enhance each individual space. Vibrant, rich hues and bold materials were used in high energy areas where collaboration and socialisation are encouraged. For the quieter spaces that require focus a calmer neutral palette was applied.