Light Identity

During London Design Festival, our lighting designer, Sunny Sribanditmongkol had a chance to speak at Darc room: live, the biggest live education outreach programme in the lighting industry. Her talk, along with those of other leading designers, was broadcast live on ‘Light Collective TV’ youtube channel.

At Studio 29, we love to think of ourselves as storytellers of the language of light, using light as a tool to create a space that tells a story and communicate with the end user. In today’s world, unique identities are highly rewarded and customers are no longer being categorised only by their demographics but also by subjective index like their lifestyles and interests. Lighting is no longer just a part of architecture but also a key element in creating a statement in the space that reflects the identity of a brand or a place.

Sunny’s talk ‘Light: Identity’ discussed how light can be used to communicate with end users in a way that reflects this brand’s identity. She explored how we identify ourselves, the factors that influence us to identify ourselves with something, and a collection of projects where technology has allowed the installations to become more immersive and more interactive.

At Studio 29, considering the identity and the context of the space has always been a starting point when we design a lighting scheme. Our award-winning lighting scheme for Regent Street began with the end product in mind: a visual environment that corresponds with the Regent Street brand image. In our scheme, each architectural detail was highlighted emphasising the sense of luxury where attention is paid to every little detail. An upcoming project in St Martin’s Courtyard, situated in the middle of the theatre district, and a project on Kingly Street, located in Carnaby, the centre of the hippies and the swinging sixties. Our lighting schemes for these projects embrace the use of colours and patterns in order to reflect the playful identities of the areas.

Good lighting design has always been defined as a design that is considerate to the architecture and the space. Going forward, in addition to that, we believe what makes good designs great is a clear understanding of the identities of all parties involved: the client, the user, and the space itself.


Check out Sunny’s talk on Light Collective TV